Ropes Courses adds new Slingline product

New harness simplifies operation and increases safety

Ropes Courses has launched its latest innovation in harness safety technology, the Single Redundant Slingline (SRS).

Developed over several month’s by RCI’s Compliance Manager, Matthew Kiella, the new single slingline replaces the older double version while offering the same security with a single line made possible with dual connection points. It is attached to a harness that each participant wears when climbing on any of the Sky Trail or Sky Tykes ropes courses and Clip ‘n Climb climbing challenges.

The new design was engineered to provide participants with the same secure look and feel as the old double line, however it combines components into a single line and eliminates the need for slotted webbing helping clients reduce maintenance costs, while increasing durability and strength. Redundancy is achieved by sewing together three essential pieces of the device – the continuous exterior loop, the redundant inner loop, and the inner carabiner loops. This connection allows participants to easily navigate through a course with one slingline but with two separate safety attachments on their harness.

“I think our clients are going to be pleasantly surprised by the quality and durability that this new slingline delivers,” explained Kiella. “For retrofits, operators will be provided with fully machine-made aluminum Sky Rail slider assemblies that come with or without wheels to ensure compatibility and the right fit with all Sky Trail models around the US and the world,” he continued.

The new SRS has an approximate five-year service life, two years longer than the existing devices. Repairs and replacements are sewn onto existing slider assemblies for additional and substantial cost savings.

“Taking a project from the starting point of having a great idea, through design development and adjustments, all the way to certification has been very gratifying,” added Kiella. “We are confident that our customers are going to appreciate the more streamlined system that offers the same high level of safety but at a much better cost,” he concluded.

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