Red Zone Rush makes its Bowl Expo debut

Bandai Namco has announced the release of a brand-new card-redemption game, Red Zone Rush. The new title is an NFLPA licensed, four-player centre piece where the player attempts to rush the ball through the Red Zone to score big!

Choose your NFL player, get your timing right and push the button. Your player will push forward through dozens of mini footballs on a rotating playfield. Push any ball in to the end zone to win! Score with a ball with a letter on it and win an immediate ticket value. When you get all the balls in to spell “TOUCHDOWN”, you’ll win a Super Bonus.

Red Zone Rush also lets you win cards. Push the CARD ball into the endzone to win an NFLPA player card. Either keep them, trade them in for tickets, or save them all to win Mega card bonuses.

“The NFL Players Association license is a big deal for us, giving guests the opportunity to collect cards with the top stars of the NFL. Initial testing has been outstanding and it is not even close to football season yet. I can’t wait to see the in-season collections! says Steve Ignarski, national sales manager. “We have received an amazing reaction to Red Zone Rush at the Bowl Expo, as well as for our other redemption title Jumbo Jumpin’ which has also been a great hit with visitors to stand 601.”

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