RCI Sky Trail Attractions to open in South Korea

Two Sky Trail aerial attractions in South Korea are set to open to the general public in April of this year thanks to efforts by RCI Adventure Products’ global partners, Climb Korea Co., Ltd. and Zipline Korea, Inc.

The family-friendly attractions were recently installed within Mt. Yonghwa Recreational Forest, which is located inside the city of Chuncheon and at Alpensia Resort in Pyeongchang respectively. Both installations are the first for each location and subsequently build upon RCI’s presence in South Korea as a whole.

Nestled within the Mt. Yonghwa Recreational Forest itself, the Complex Experience Centre offers a space in which visitors are able to enjoy a collection of climbing walls, a zip coaster and soon a Sky Trail complete with its very own Sky Rail. The 7 pole, 2-level indoor attraction will feature 21 interactive elements like the “Bumpy Rope Walk” and “Swinging Steps” as well as pay homage to the forest with a more toned-down, natural colour scheme.

“The Sky Trail is an attraction that exhibits precise safety and design which is new to Korea,” commented Climb Korea head of international business, Daysik Woo. “Throughout the entire process, Dan Mooney, RCI director of international sales, has been very supportive and we look forward to collaborating on additional projects in the future.”

Located in Pyeongchang, approximately 80km (50mi) from the city of Chuncheon, Alpensia Resort will add a Sky Trail to existing attractions including hotel accommodations, golf courses, a cinema and a spatial ski resort. The 5 pole, 2-level Sky Trail will extend a total of 19 feet (5.8m) upwards and showcase a variety of elements such as the “Suspension Bridge” and “Angled Vertical Rope Ladder”.

“Alpensia Resort is very large with a wide range of attractions available. The Sky Trail will be a great addition for groups, especially the student groups who usually visit the area from spring to fall,” said Jeff Jung, president and CEO of Zipline Korea, Inc. “Many people in South Korea are looking for indoor play areas and I think there will be a steady demand for RCI products in the future.”

“RCI has a number of global projects in the pipeline for 2020 and beyond,” said Jon Weston, chief sales officer for RCI. “We thoroughly enjoy working with both Climb Korea and Zipline Korea and can’t wait to see all that not only they, but all of our distributors, accomplish in the new year.”

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