Quebec City’s Méga Parc welcomes Triotech’s 200th XD Dark Ride

Méga Parc des Galeries de la Capitale, a Quebec City indoor amusement park, has become the latest venue to welcome a Triotech XD Dark Ride. The interactive theatres have seen previous installations in Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai and Paris.

“The XD Dark Ride interactive theatre is designed for the whole family and has contributed to our international reach for nearly 15 years,” said Triotech founding president Ernest Yale. “It is truly an iconic attraction for Triotech, offering an intense multisensory adventure combined with cutting-edge technology and special effects that provide the user with the best experience there is. We are proud to have set up our 200th XD Dark Ride interactive theatre in Quebec City, as it enjoys a resounding success around the world.”

Installed for the first time in Berlin in 2011 and recipient of the IAAPA Brass Ring award in the best-new-product category in 2013, the XD Dark Ride interactive theatre integrates the world’s fastest targeting system, curved screen and real-time stereoscopic 3D images with special effects. The real-time 3D images and individual scoring system create a unique dynamic based on healthy competition.

Méga Parc des Galeries de la Capitale has named Triotech’s XD Dark Ride “The Cortex” and it is already one of their most popular attractions. Up to eight players can play and compete together at any one time. It is worth noting that the Méga Parc operates 18 rides and attractions and very recently invested $52 million in a complete revamp of the parc.

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