QubicaAMF launches Fly’n Ducks Duckpin bowling attraction

QubicaAMF Worldwide (QubicaAMF) has announced the launch of its new duckpin attraction, Fly’n Ducks, at the Nightclub & Bar show being held in Las Vegas on June 29–30, 2021.

Duckpin is a bowling game traditionally played on a standard tenpin bowling lane using a small bowling ball and unique bowling pins, called duckpins. Dating back to one of its predecessor companies, Mendes Bowling, QubicaAMF has been providing duckpin bowling equipment for over 30 years. Drawing upon this experience the company has reimagined the duckpin bowling format to better meet the needs of today’s consumers and operators with Fly’n Ducks.

Fly’n Ducks utilizes the power of the BES X Bowler Entertainment System, Conqueror X centre management system and the revolutionary EDGE String pinspotter to deliver the best duckpin experience and more variety and entertainment for consumers. Fly’n Ducks is the only duckpin product available that offers “pay-at-the-lane” gamecard swipe capability, for stand-alone operation that is aligned with the way many entertainment businesses operate. Additionally, it can be operated from a traditional front desk system.

Fly’n Ducks is available in four lane lengths and can be purchased with or without the traditional bowler approach platform. Investors can choose the right size for the playing challenge they want to offer and the space they have available. The system can also be upgraded to add DuraBowl automatic bumpers, CenterPunch capping lighting along the lanes and BES X Experiences allowing consumers to choose how they want to play.

“We developed Fly’n Ducks to deliver a better duckpin experience. It’s now easier and more fun than ever for consumers to enjoy duckpin bowling and for new investors to include duckpin bowling in their projects,” says Neil Pennington, director, performance equipment for QubicaAMF. “In addition to the classic three-ball duckpin game, players can choose from an endless variety of fun and skill games available with BES X. And, utilizing the EDGE String pinspotting technology ensures the best reliability at the lowest operating cost possible.”

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