PrimeTime Amusements announces expansion

In just over six months, PrimeTime Amusements has experienced ample growth in 2019 in various departments.

The turn-key solutions company is venturing beyond its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, both domestically and abroad, in order to seek out new opportunities in every area of the entertainment industry. Arcade equipment sales have more than doubled since the fiscal year of 2018, prospective FECs and would-be proprietors are opening more centres across the globe, and many organisations are seeking out PrimeTime’s expertise to bring their ideas to life.

Such demand is indicative the entertainment industry remains only on the rise, with new trends spearheading the growth, entrepreneurs and investors world-wide are looking to cash in as quickly as possible.

Consequently, PrimeTime’s consulting arm has grown, with its network of consultants assisting with various exciting new locations in countries of differing cultures and backgrounds, it has proven a fun challenge for David Goldfarb (president & founder) and his team.

He had this to say: “It’s always interesting getting calls from groups and companies in countries far beyond ours. The task of studying their markets, their cultures, their ethics and their goals is always thrilling. For many, its their first time tackling the entertainment industry, and so I try to familiarise most of our clients with what we can do to create value for them and assist them with their future FEC’s”.

Indeed, the flurry of demand specifically in Asia and South America for pure entertainment continues to rise at a steady clip, and is a clear sign that there are still emerging markets within the industry, and many other niche’s yet to be discovered.

In keeping with tradition, part of the PrimeTime team attended the Bowl Expo in Las Vegas this past week. The Bowl Expo attracts attendees and exhibitors keen to learn about the latest trends in bowling, and how the subsector continues to innovate amongst other emerging attractions and sources of revenue.

Though once hugely popular, standalone bowling centres are dwindling, with operators now opting to maximise the potential for revenue for their given spaces, with mixes of different outlets for entertainment. Now, there are various hybrids popping up, featuring interesting mixes of bowling and other attractions.

However, bowling as a core still remains popular, and is a pastime the newer generations equally enjoy as much as the older generations. “Bowling takes up plenty of square footage and is a costly expenditure, but it will always remain a fun option for families and young adults as a pastime; beyond that, it’s a good complement towards F&B revenue, which is why we’ve always kept up to date with bowling in its entirety”, said Goldfarb. The industry is ever-changing and fast-growing, and there will undoubtedly be more changes to niches like bowling centres that will drive more customers to more centres for years to come.

And finally, on June 18th Xtreme Action Park hosted FEC Connect, a forum by the American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA) that brought together various industry leaders to exchange ideas and knowledge concerning the industry. Xtreme Action Park also won AAMA’S “FEC of the Year Award” earlier this year.

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