Premier Rides reaches 100% vaccination goal

Premier Rides, a global supplier of high-tech ride attractions has announced that its entire organisation is fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Additionally, all new positions will require successful candidates to verify full vaccination prior to starting employment.

At the onset of the pandemic when many businesses were forced to shutter, Premier Rides developed a strategy that safely allowed the company and its office to remain open for business and fully operational with a combination of in-person and short-term remote staff. COVID-19 protocols were set in place for in person workers while IT quickly set the team up to work from home as needed. The shift was seamless as much of the technology and collaborative software was already in place. Premier Rides was able to continue providing high level service by continuing to fabricate and ship product to clients around the world.

Jim Seay, president of Premier Rides commented: “Navigating our way through the pandemic was an unconventional way to celebrate Premier Rides 25th anniversary, but our ability to be nimble, to quickly pivot and ensure continued support to our valued clients demonstrates exactly the dedication we have to our clients and colleagues in our global industry. We made a very significant financial investment to make our office safe and with the fantastic staff support there were zero cases as a result of office operations. The natural next step was to become a fully vaccinated organisation.”

The Premier team met together and discussed the importance of being a fully vaccinated team in order to continue to have a safe working environment with fewer of the in-place restrictions and protocols. The Premier work environment is highly collaborative from a client standpoint and the team wanted clients to be comfortable whether visiting Premier facilities or having members of the Premier team working at their parks during new ride installations or while performing service.

Premier Rides made it easy for the team to get vaccinated by accommodating schedules to make the appointments and by supporting each team member individually in the case of any side effects. Premier also rewarded each employee as a way of thanking them for stepping up to become vaccinated.

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