Polin Waterparks launches Innovation Platform

Market leading designer and manufacturer of waterslides and water play attractions Polin Waterparks is one of only a few Research & Development (R&D) Centres in Turkey and is the first R&D Center in its industry.

With the aim of “shining a light on the future of the waterparks/theme parks industries and the field of recreation”, Polin has developed an open innovation platform called INNOKIND.

The INNOKIND open innovation platform — a first in the amusement and recreation industries — is open to everyone from industrial professionals to academicians, from students to park visitors, and from suppliers to investors. In other words, everyone who is interested in innovation is welcome to contribute. These innovative ideas can be submitted to the platform and will be awarded by Polin Waterparks after evaluation by a jury of professionals and academicians.

Şöhret Pakiş, director of marketing & communications, Polin Waterparks, said: “As the Polin Family, we are excited and proud to hold a global platform that is open for participation by all innovation seekers. We hope this platform will generate an abundance of fresh, innovative ideas for both our industry and the world.”

The primary goal of the INNOKIND Open Innovation Platform is to develop exemplary innovative projects for the industry. The platform will also: bring together creative ideas and projects; contribute to the collaboration between universities and industry by means of involving university students in the business world; and create a value-added economic benefit by way of the end result in products and services.

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