Planet Lazer Kelowna chooses Semnox Parafait

Planet Lazer Kelowna, an amusement centre in Kelowna, Canada, has selected Semnox’s RFID Parafait System, according to a recent release.

Owner Jenna Boyo had been running her store in British Columbia, Canada since 1996 on tokens and paper tickets and “could not be happier” with the change.

The centre is a mix of lazer tag, video games, redemption, party rooms, food and beverage service which makes it the premier location for all things fun. The Okanagan’s largest indoor facility features over 6000 square feet of dual level Extreme Lazer Tag, allowing up to 38 players in each game. Its fully interactive arena offers over 30 different play options which makes every game a new experience. As Jenna likes to say, “you don’t PLAY the game, you ARE the game!”

“The decision to go cashless was an ongoing internal debate for over a 2 year period,” she continued. “We approached several companies to discover which solution would make the most sense for our business and Semnox was hands down the best choice for what we needed. We really liked tap-to-play readers, their flexible software capabilities as well as their All-In-One Komplete Kiosk which allowed us to save necessary space and provided a self-serve option for our customers, freeing up employees from selling cards or attractions. Our guests were extremely quick to adapt from tokens and tickets to cards, utilizing RFID technology and the Parafait Beam Readers. Installation was made during COVID-19 pandemic so this decision was also based on eliminating excess touch points for safety and sanitary reasons.”

Semnox was extremely pleased to add Planet Lazer to their growing family of operators. “It’s always great whenever you can have a friend as a customer and that is especially true with Jenna,” said Brian Duke, senior sales partner of Semnox Americas. “However, this wouldn’t even have been possible if it wasn’t for all the products & services we provide that separate us from our competitors. Our ability to run every facet of her business through our system’s cloud-based management software was a huge factor that sealed the deal for Jenna.”

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