PGAV Destinations creates new online experience with Build-A-Bear

PGAV Destinations, a global leader in the planning and design of unique destinations, is pleased to announce the launch of Build-A-Bear’s Bear Builder 3D Workshop, a first of its kind online shopping experience. PGAV Destinations’ role was to imagine and innovate an online retail experience for the guest that retained the in-store excitement and emotion that is a key part of the iconic brand.

PGAV Destinations’ is known for world-renowned destinations – places that people put on their bucket lists – theme parks, museums, zoos, aquariums, historic, and natural attractions. Transitioning this same creative thinking from a physical place into the digital space utilised similar exercises regarding what guests want to do when they visit. Above all, the desire is to exceed their expectations while making memories that would last.

Mike Early, SVP and Chief Information Officer at Build-A-Bear said: “We connected with PGAV because of their reputation for creating great stories and experiences in the physical world for other best in class brands. We were confident they could help us translate the feeling and emotion of our stores into the digital world.  They brought a fresh perspective and helped bring the fun of building and customizing a furry friend to life as a unique online experience.”

“At the heart of the Build-A-Bear experience is the connection to a new friend,” said Carol Breeze, PGAV Experience Designer. “Always keeping this in mind, we worked closely with the Build-A-Bear team to create and amplify the emotional connections in the digital space with the understanding that they would be fundamentally different.”

PGAV and Build-A-Bear teams discussed how to best capture the heart of the in-person, create-your-own furry friend experience, into a digital space that would deliver a new way to engage with the brand. Foremost it was believed that the digital experience would be fun, inspired by the workshop but not limited by a physical space, and would enhance the emotional connection to the brand.

“Adding a heart to a new furry friend is a big moment both in-store and at-home. We focused on making this a key emotional moment―there is a change in the music, the environment, and in the way the new friend moves and looks back at us. It is fun, exciting, and a new experience that feels rooted in the Build-A-Bear brand story,” concluded Breeze.

Build-A-Bear continues its mission to “add a little more heart to life,” and provide multiple ways to safely shop at any time throughout the year whether in-store or online. The Bear Builder 3D Workshop is available exclusively at

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