PerfectSwell surfing attraction at mixed-use entertainment space The Lake

Construction of a new 105-acre mixed-use community retail and entertainment space named The Lake is on track in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Leading wave technology company American Wave Machines Inc has partnered Flatwater Companies to create world class surfing attraction PerfectSwell. The Lake will also boast a wide array of dining and entertainment options.

When complete, the 105-acre mixed-use community will feature, 150,000 square feet of retail and entertainment space, 100,000 square feet of office space, a 170-room hotel, and over 1,000 apartments and new townhomes. Permits have been secured and construction will begin in in the coming months. As part of Phase 1, surfing is anticipated in Fall 2021.

“The Lake is more than just a new development. Our vision is to create a unique destination that will cultivate greater connections and shared experiences with surfing being a key component,” said Brett Burkhart, co-founder and vision leader with Flatwater Companies. “By partnering with AWM to create PerfectSwell Richmond, we can offer recreational surf for beginners as well as a world class surfing for elite athletes. PerfectSwell Richmond will be a global surf destination.”

“We’re extremely pleased to add The Lake to a quickly growing list of PerfectSwell surf destinations. Having recently announced PerfectSwell Surf Stadium Japan, scheduled to open June 2020, our vision for a global network of high performance surf pools is materializing,” said Mike Lopez, AWM Senior Vice President responsible for Global Strategy. “PerfectSwell Richmond, with its grand vision, adds a key location to our expanding network.”

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