PeopleVisionFX announces three touch-free interactive technologies

US-based PeopleVisionFX, a creator of creative special effects for trade shows, exhibits, museums and themed environments, has announced three touchless technologies to help organisations create safe and exciting interactive experiences for their visitors.

SoundPilot is a voice-controlled interface that provides interactivity while eliminating the health risks of touch-based control. Guests interact with displays using simple spoken commands. The interface is an integrated system of hardware and software that enables virtually any interactive experience to be completely touch-free. It is a customized solution for each specific presentation. In addition to new installations, most existing interactive experiences can be updated to incorporate the SoundPilot system.

According to Wayne Sullivant, PeopleVisionFX president, the SoundPilot system is a natural evolution of interactive technology. “Voice-control is actually a more intuitive way to engage with technology and achieve the ultimate goal of telling a compelling story.”

The MagicBook is a new special effect that can tell a story using the unique PeopleVisionFX technology of dimensional video projection. A visitor can magically turn the pages of a sculpted book with a simple gesture. In addition to text, the Magic Book can display pictures that can come to life as moving images. The display is inherently interactive and can be produced in virtually any size. The MagicBook is actually an interactive sculpted projection screen. The imagery itself is also contoured to correct for the distortion that is inherent in projections on non-flat surfaces.

The HoloImager No-Touchscreen is a new display that makes it possible to tell a story through the power of holographic projection. A visitor can magically manipulate images without any physical contact, purely through the use of simple gestures. The HoloImager technology goes beyond the flat confines of conventional video to include almost unlimited information such as mechanism of action animations, photos, and videos, all in 3D holographic space.


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