Paul Jacobs joins exA-Arcadia as North American head of sales

Tokyo-based producer of video game arcade hardware exA-Arcadia has announced the appointment of Paul Jacobs to the position of head of sales for the North American market.

Jacobs, a long-time veteran of the amusement industry, has held top executive positions in the Northern California-based offices of Japanese video game manufacturers’ Universal, Capcom, SNK, and Data East, along with owning coin-op distributing and operating companies in his home state of Wisconsin. In addition, he has been president of BMI Gaming, the former top arcade game website, exclusive U.S. sales representative for Falgas kiddie rides, and, most recently, vice-president of sales and marketing for Gold Standard Games/Shelti.

“I am particularly pleased to be joining exA-Arcadia, a young, innovative company which understands what game creators want, what arcade and street operators want, and what players want”, stated Jacobs. “Having previously been instrumental in bringing the SNK NEO-GEO MVS to the North American market in 1990, it is particularly exciting to now introduce the exA-Arcadia multi-video game system.”

Eric Chung, CEO of exA-Arcadia, stated, “We are excited to have a world class executive who deeply understands the Western video market like Paul join the exA-Arcadia mission of revitalizing video games in the location based entertainment industry by providing high cost performance, low cost games to all types of amusement locations.”

exA-Arcadia has created a sustainable arcade eco-system where arcades can continue to thrive and provide exciting location-based entertainment for generations to come, where creators can watch players enjoy their games to the fullest, and, most importantly, where customers of all ages can have fun.

Its international team consists of experienced professionals from across console manufacturers and publishers, publicly listed mobile game publishers, advertising agencies, Silicon Valley giants, investment banks, top law firms, and security consulting firms.

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