Partec Inc. converts facility face guards for hospitals

Partec Inc., based in Illinois, US, is a state-of-the-art ISO-9001 facility that specialises in contract assembly for both large and small companies – including arcade game entertainment company Raw Thrills. 

The facility was forced to shut down production because of COVID-19, but after requests from local essential businesses, the company is set to start production of face guards. Partec is currently working with three different companies. The first order for 500,000 started on 28 April, with plans to ship them directly to hospitals by 8 May. According to owner Brian Polacki, there are potential orders in the works for millions more.

Production equates to 56,000 face guards per day and will require 100 people each with their own workstation set up 6 feet apart for social distancing and safety. The break room was moved into a larger area in the production floor to allow for social distancing on lunch breaks. Temperatures are being taken at the start of every workday and employees are being given their own masks, face shields and gloves. In addition, they are also getting their own personal bottle of hand sanitiser which will be refilled as necessary.

To facilitate all of this social distancing, there was a need for extra floor space, so Raw Thrills agreed to move finished products to their warehouse to open up space.


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