Park Avenue Open Day returns

Park Avenue Open Day will open once again with Electrocoin and UDC, on June 8 at the Park Avenue estate in West London.

The event will follow all the old traditions dating back to the first Park Avenue in 1987, including Electrocoin’s famous Greek Barbecue and UDC’s afternoon cream tea. In addition, there will be a charitable boost with the participating companies providing donations to Bacta’s Charitable Trust.

Electrocoin’s John A Stergides, said: “There’s been a very stong response to Park Avenue Open Day this year.”

“It’s been a while since the open day was last held and the industry is eager to get back together and talk about new products and innovations before the summer season really kicks in.”

“Covid interruptions have really hit the industry hard. There are some excellent products out there, but for three years there’s been very little opportunity to show it.”

“Park Avenue has always been an informal event but important due to its timing – and that’s really true this year. This summer is so crucial for the future of our industry – we have another year to prove how important amusements are to the staycation trend and the role our innovative companies can play in the development of the seaside economy.”

Stergides added: “There is a real sense of optimism about the quality of products and people want to talk about moving forward, so Park Avenue’s Open Day return has come at a good time.”

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