Paradox Museum to open at American Dream

American Dream has added an 11,000 square foot location for Paradox Museum which is set to open in late 2022. Guests of all ages will enjoy mind-twisting, eye-tricking experiences through over 70 paradox-based exhibits and learn everything about the science behind paradoxes.

Harris Douros, CEO of Paradox Museums, said: “We offer an experience that will open up new perspectives and touch the hearts and minds of those who wish to truly challenge their senses.”

“With the scope of a venue like American Dream, we have a unique opportunity here to engage guests through interactive exhibits and moments of thrilling discovery.”

Don Ghermezian, CEO of American Dream, added: “American Dream embraces big ideas and immersive experiences that inspire the imaginations of guests of all ages.”

“We could not be more excited to welcome Paradox Museum to American Dream.”


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