Paradise Country raises $40,000 for conservation

Paradise Country has raised over 40 thousand dollars for Tiger Conservation through the Global Conservation Centre, playing host to tiger cubs Maliah and Melah.

The adorable duo arrived at Paradise Country in June and this weekend will be their last at the park before they head back to their wildlife reserve in New South Wales.

The now four-month-old tiger cubs were the first species to visit Paradise Country’s new Global Conservation Centre as part of a partnership with the Bullen family.

Paradise Country Curator of Wildlife, Deane Jones said the two female cubs, Maliah and Melah have been a great addition to the park.

“The cubs have been wonderful ambassadors for their species and the money they have helped raise will go directly to tiger conservation,” he said.

“We have partnered with Fauna & Flora International who are dedicated to protecting threatened wildlife and habitats and the funds will be vital to their ongoing conservation efforts.

“Through the new Global Conservation Centre, guests have been able to get an up-close experience with the cubs and have been inspired to take action towards animal conservation, which has been evident with the donations we have received.”

In addition to the tiger cubs, Paradise Country is also hosting Spring on the Farm these school holidays with some of the cutest, the cuddliest and the wildest baby animals.

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