Omni Louisville Hotel’s speakeasy features four Brunswick Bowling lanes

Louisville, Kentucky, has welcomed a new Omni Louisville hotel featuring amenities including Pin + Proof and a bar designed to look and feel like an old speakeasy. The centrepiece of the new hotel, however, is the four lanes of bowling.

The partnership highlights the strategic reasons for a hotel to offer bowling, with enhanced amenities, leads to higher room rates, and a boost in food and drink sales being some of the most prevalent.

Pin + Proof features Brunswick’s Sync scoring and management system, GS-X pinsetter, Frameworx ball return, Anvilane lanes, and custom masking units, and the Brunswick company helps hotel and resort operators start in and succeed at the bowling business, with assistance in everything from space design and planning through installation, training, 24/7 support, and help with marketing.

“Bowling has an authentic place in Louisville’s history,” said Eamon O’Brien, Omni Louisville Hotel’s director of sales and marketing. “During prohibition, drinking was relegated to places like hidden bars and bowling alleys. Since we are in Bourbon Country, we wanted to incorporate both of these features into a unique and intimate setting. Also, the Louisville Slugger factory used to make bowling pins back in the 1890s, so that’s another tie-in to our local history.”

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