Omni esports platform tops 2 million plays

Virtuix, developer of the ‘Omni Arena’ virtual reality esports attraction, has announced that its esports platform has surpassed 2 million plays. Omni Arena includes built-in weekly and monthly esports contests with a $100,000 annual prize pool.

“By offering a $100,000 prize pool, our esports series attracts customers to FECs and drives repeat play,” said Jan Goetgeluk, Virtuix’s founder and CEO. “Some of our esports teams have already played more than 100 times, paying as much as $15 each time.”

Virtuix believes the FEC industry is turning the corner following the Covid-19 pandemic. The company has installed 5 Omni Arena systems in the last 6 weeks alone, including at Kalahari Resorts in the Pocono Mountains, PA, and at Xtreme Play in Danbury, CT.

Omni Arena is a full-body virtual reality attraction for up to four players. Omni treadmills inside the attraction enable players to walk and run around inside video games. Omni Arena brings physical movement to competitive videogaming, adding an extra layer of excitement for both players and spectators.

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