Northern Social Responsibility Exchange delivers workshops for front line staff

Simon Bradbury
From the outset, SR Exchange has been aimed at customer facing staff, managers and operators with the objective of sharing experiences and knowledge to promote best practice and protect people from gambling-related harm.

Following a well-attended event in London last year, bacta’s intention is to increase accessibility by selecting different locations around the UK.

Preparations have now been completed for bacta’s first Northern Social Responsibility Exchange, scheduled for Wednesday 13th November 2019 at Manchester’s Macdonald Hotel.

The Manchester event will include a series of hands-on workshops addressing several topics, including an outline of social responsibility, identifying and interacting with customers who may be at risk, mental health and counselling and the evaluation and review of best practice. There will also be a technology workshop, including familiarisation with the bacta self-exclusion portal.

Workshops will be facilitated by Simon Bradbury and the bacta regional compliance officers, joined by Neill Platt of the Beacon Counselling Trust. Neill is an extremely experienced and well-respected mental health clinician with a wide range of qualifications in mental health and emotional wellbeing, having worked both nationally and internationally within this field

Just a few places remain so those wishing to take up this excellent opportunity should contact Linda Malcolm at the earliest opportunity

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