New York FEC Family Fun Factor reopens with Tigapo system

Cloud-based arcade management and monetisation system Tigapo, designed for coin-operated machines, has been installated at Family Fun Factory, a 30,000 square foot location with laser tag, e-sports, a ninja obstacle course, a VR coaster, and an arcade in New Hartford, New York, US.

Family Fun Factory offers the latest arcade games and advanced new entertainment technology, like virtual reality gaming, so it was a natural progression to update to Tigapo’s cloud-based platform, which is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Tigapo is a true cashless payment system: fully contactless throughout the guest experience, including first-time registration, buying credits, playing games, and redeeming prizes.

Tigapo’s digital and mobile-first platform connects coin operated machines to the cloud, collects and analyzes data in real-time, meaning operators can learn users’ habits, autonomously and remotely manage operations, drive incremental revenue, and dramatically reduce costs. As a digital payment platform, Tigapo allows users to pay for services with smartphones or NFC tags thereby removing payment friction and maximizing play time.

Joseph Belmonte, the owner of Family Fun Factory, first learned of Tigapo and attended a virtual web demo before placing his order. Belmonte noted, “I highly recommend all family entertainment centres participate in one of Tigapo’s free web demos; you are sure to place your order too!”

The Tigapo team recently visited the New Hartford location to install readers and train the Family Fun Factory staff. “The Tigapo team spent a lot of time prior to arrival preparing us, but the installation itself only took one day,” said Belmonte. “The staff all loves it! Tigapo also waived their installation fee, which really helped since we aren’t open yet.”

With all-new games and cashless payment powered Tigapo, the Family Fun Factory is ready for their
grand reopening, expected any day now.

“We are so pleased that Family Fun Factory and other locations and operators across the country are recognizing the benefits of Tigapo’s AI-powered platform,” noted Sid Banon, chief executive of Tigapo’s US
operations. “This is a great time to upgrade to our cashless solution – whether you are looking for ways to build stronger relationships with your guests, you are trying to differentiate from your competitors, or you are focused on opening or reopening a location as safely as possible.”


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