New revenue streams unlocked by trampoline parks

Being acutely aware of what drives ticket sales and repeat play, trampoline parks have been embracing the excitement, interactivity and physical exercise associated with laser tag by installing Laserforce laser tag systems within their parks.

One of the most recent trampoline parks to do this is Flight Zone Gillette, Wyoming USA. Featuring more than 10,000 sq ft of trampolines, including foam pits and a performance wall, a wipeout zone, dodgeball, trapeze bar and a high 9ft reaction wall.

Realising the value of repeat play, the owners of Flight Zone determined that Laserforce laser tag is the most reliable and reputable system available with full service, support and back up was ultimately the best choice for their park. Complete with ongoing upgrades for the life of the system via the Laserforce SUP program means that their equipment will not suffer from obselence.

Flight Zone laser tag has a two-story arena – 3,000sq ft on the ground and 1,000sq ft above. Themed in a post-apocalyptic scene, the field offers players plenty of areas to hide and play over and over again.

The Laserforce Gen8 Infinity system has the most photogenic laser tag suits of any system available making for great social media posts! Also offering a selection of avatars, stats recording via and probably the largest array of different games in the area. Flight Zone has set itself up with the latest, most effective and efficient Laserforce system to date.

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