New offerings from Bob’s Space Racers

Provider of arcade games and attractions Bob’s Space Racers has recently launched a number of new games.

Firstly, designed and priced for bigger arcades looking for significant sources of revenue,  Whopper Water FEC is an attendant free group game which according to the company “represents the best of BSR in a small footprint.” The game system dispenses a value coupon that can be redeemed for prizes. The Pixel PlayT Water Gun FunT FEC can merchandise a facility and is designed to “create a prize frenzy like no other arcade game.”

Whopper Water FEC is the tallest FEC attendant-free water game to emerge from the BSR shop floor. It includes a new, computer-designed and patented ‘BSR Prize Lift System.’ Optional signage is available, and its adjustable telescopic height makes it easily visibible. Whopper Water FEC employs a self-contained easily maintained water system and a complete game accounting system. It is pre-wired for card reader installment and distributes specialized 2 x 4 inch redemption tickets.

Secondly, Cookie Factory is a game very similar to Bob’s Space Racers’ hit game Bob’s Fishin’ Hole, except this game does not require water. Multi-colored cookies containing pre-programmed RFID
chips rotate on a spinning table and guests scoop them up and insert them into the reader to find out their score; the higher their score the bigger prize the guest would win. This fun and interactive game is designed for all age groups.

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