New line-up of SimEx-Iwerks ride films

Creator of adventure films for motion-based theatre experiences, SimEx-Iweks, has revealed details on its newest adventures.


Moon Thunder the Ride

A routine moon mission turns into crisis when a meteor shower strikes and survival depends on a fast emergency evacuation. Join the astronaut crew in a thrilling escape from the collapsing surroundings of the moon base.


Dino Racers

Join four little dinos in a rocky race through the drylands. Zip through the prehistoric era into caves of diamonds and dodge epic dinosaurs, like Pterodactyls and Stegosauruses, all while avoid the bubbling lava pools!


Polar Ice Ride

Journey through an arctic wonderland and find yourself face-to-face with a mischievous walrus! Climb the treacherous mountainside and enter a magical cavern filled with fun-loving penguins. Take a wild ride down the ice slide while trying to avoid the many dangers along the way.


Water Slide Ride

Slip, slide, twist and turn in this brand-new 4D ride. Travel through amazing scenes like jellyfish swarms, pirate ships and more! Water Slide Ride is a point-of-view experience so guests will truly feel like part of the story.

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