New inflatable waterpark in Jordan Harbour makes a splash

Owners Craig Bagshaw and Rodney Moore have introduced Pirate Ship Cove, a giant inflatable playground located to Jordan Harbour, Ontario, earlier in July. Bagshaw and Moore had previously launched Flyboard Niagara three years prior, along with kayak and paddleboard rentals, and so bringing the waterpark to the harbour was, according to Moore, a logical next step.

“This is the perfect setting for it, and you can’t find anything like this anywhere else in Niagara.” Moore commented.

Pirate Ship Cove is open to guests of all ages, and features giant slides, a bouncy ‘blob’ attraction that can be jumped on and launched off, swing ropes, trampoline, climbing pyramids, and more. Life jackets are provided for guests, and lifeguards are constantly present to supervise.

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