New high-precision target shooting game from UNIS

New high-precision target shooting game On Point, supplied by Unis Technology, represents the latest in advanced airsoft technology with the aim of creating an incredibly realistic simulation of real-world target practice.

The game features both single player and multiplayer game modes with numerous different games to choose from. Developed by Taito Corporation, Natsume Atari Inc and Youngbae, On Point has already seen success in operation in Asia and is now entering the world market.

Equipped with a high-precision BB pellet hit-position detection system, On Point aims to create an authentic skill-based experience.

“Ever since this airsoft game was first seen outside of Japan, the worldwide demand for On Point has been overwhelming! We are super excited to announce that On Point is ready to ship,” said a UNIS spokesperson.

On Point’s eight games use Airsoft BB pistols, equipped with gas blowback, lighter tracer and real BB pellets. An impact-absorbent soft plastic barrier protects the screens and slows the pellets.

On Point uses an intelligent safety feature and sensor technology. Each airsoft BB pistol is equipped with shooting range sensor and obstacle sensor. The games are housed in a shock-absorbent soft plastic surrounding for added safety.

This game also has a leaderboard with comprehensive features to drive competition. The top three top scores of each game remain saved on the leaderboard until the operator clears them. Certain games are extremely competitive and can be expected to perform well in Esports venues.

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