New FEC for Luton

Funtura opening soon in the town's main mall

A new entertainment centre is set to open in Luton in next month.

Funtura will feature arcade games for a variety of ages, soft play for younger children, a bumper cars area and a cafe for parents.

Owned by Tony Jiang the centre will be managed by Siong Yu and his wife Christine.

Yu said: “It is a family entertainment centre, we have a soft play area where children can play and parents can sit by close by in the cafe area and still see them playing. We have a bumper car area for small children but they are laser shooting bumper cars so instead of bumping each other you shoot lasers at the targets on the cars and if you hit one the car starts spinning, and there will be the games arcade with games for different ages.”

It will be located next to McDonald’s in The Mall Luton and it is hoped it will be open next month.

He added: “We chose this location in the town centre because when I go shopping with my wife and children, she goes shopping and the children and I get bored, so the idea is mum can go shopping in peace, and dad and the children can relax and have fun here. “If they are a family with a toddler and an older sibling, say nine years old, here we are hoping there will be something they will both enjoy.”

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