New experiential attractions Distortions Monster World

Distortions Monster World, a new experiential ‘artainment’ adventure presented by Monster Makers at Distortions Unlimited and award-winning production team at Blazen Illuminations, has debuted its limited-run engagement at Denver Pavilions on Denver Colorado’s 16th Street Mall.

Distortions Monster World is an immersive adventure for all ages, spanning 19,000 square foot and taking guests through a series of cinematic environments featuring interactive installations and infamous creatures and characters including many recognizable from music, film, T.V., and attractions.

The monsters featured throughout the exhibit are the creations of Distortions Unlimited, owners Ed Edmunds and Marsha Taub-Edmunds, their talented team, and the many artists and sculptors Distortions works with. Distortions has been making monsters out of Greeley, Colorado, for more than 40 years and is one of the preeminent designers of animatronic monsters and displays for the dark entertainment industry.

“Distortions Monster World is a celebration of a lifetime of making monsters and a way to share our love for all things monster,” said Edmunds. “I have never seen monsters as ugly, and certainly haven’t associated them with just one time of the year. My hope is that visitors will walk away appreciating the art and beauty behind these creatures, and realize there is more to monsters than meets the eye.”

Each scene features vibrant theatrical lighting and immersive sound design, projection, special effects, and more. These elements of the exhibit are designed, developed, and produced by the award-winning production team from Blazen Illuminations, a Loveland, Colorado, based business.

“Distortions Monster World is a large, explorable, interactive art installation,” stated Nate Webb, co-owner of Blazen Illuminations. “This artainment experience will immerse visitors in unique environments using interactive technology, props, sets, and engaging storylines — all tied together by the theme of a lifetime of making monsters.”

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