New AR climbing game from Valomotion

Finnish company Valomotion has released a new interactive AR climbing game, Hullaballoon. A group game that can be played anywhere between 1 to 4 people, players pop, swipe, tap and squeeze the balloons projected onto the wall around them. Players can compete with each other for who pops the most balloons, or work together to beat the high scores. 

The game utilises new technology that allows more precise tracking of player’s movement and poses – an improvement to Valo Motion’s proprietary body tracking software (ValoVision) that makes the game easier to play. It also means that the game recognises each player and keeps score of their individual points. 

With the aim of enhancing ValoClimb’s repeatability and play-value, game developers have included special balloons – like curling stones, footballs, swords – that give the players exceptional abilities. These special balloons vary from game to game, making each round unique and surprising. 

The game is designed so that the game tempo adapts in real-time to how the player is playing. Players can grow or reduce the game area using the touchscreen. 

At the end of each game, the players are invited to share their gameplay video and highscores online and on social media directly from the touchscreen that comes with each ValoClimb unit. This tool was added to ValoClimb in order to give the location owners the opportunity to gain additional visibility for their location.

The game includes a special birthday mode, where a customisable birthday greeting pops up at the end of the game to surprise everybody. The birthday mode is a short, festive and party-themed version of the normal game mode. 

Hullaballoon is now globally available for all ValoClimb units, which can be found in over 230 different locations around the world. Hullaballoon will also be pre-installed in all new ValoClimb units.

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