New AR bowling innovation unveiled by Brunswick

Spark, developed by Brunswick Bowling Products, is a cutting-edge interactive scoring experience that brings the very latest technology and entertainment trends to the lanes.

Spark is fully integrated with Sync Invicta, the latest upgrade to the industry’s leading scoring and management system, turning guests’ favourite Sync games into an interactive augmented reality activity. The energy starts to build at the scoring tablet and flows through the settee area all the way down the lane, to the pins, surrounding the bowler in a one-of-a-kind experience.

Spark engages every segment of entertainment seekers with software-driven technology and innovation that’s built for tomorrow but delivered today. Customers can select their experience on their Sync tablets, choosing from more than 15 animation themes, and can even customise their game and project their own photos into the game. The exclusive Heads-Up Display projects scores and stats directly on the lanes.

“Spark turns the lane into an interactive part of the scoring experience,” says Scott Meier, director of technology innovation. “Spark is launching with a brand-new scoring game, Boom Bots, that enables guests to score from hitting pins as well as targets on the lanes. This is fully integrated into Sync and introduces amazing new possibilities to supercharge the fun for casual bowlers while still staying true to why guests are in the centre – hitting pins. With Spark’s software-defined road map, the only limit on what we can do with games is our imagination. We are excited to announce that this is the first of many new augmented reality bowling games that will be part of the Spark collection.”

With the ever-expanding library of interactive Sync games, Spark creates countless Instagram-worthy moments per visit, keeping guests in the centre longer and returning more often.

Brunswick has partnered with TouchMagix to introduce new technology that revolutionises on-lane projection hardware to simplify ongoing management through automation, lowers total cost of ownership with laser projection technology, and is packaged in a form that is as stylish as it is technologically advanced.

Spark extends bowling’s mass appeal, creating a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience that will attract new casual bowlers and allow centres to create unique VIP experiences.

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