Nayax announces incentive program for Monyx Wallet

Nayax has announced an incentive program aimed at encouraging unattended retail operators to embrace Monyx Wallet, its popular consumer engagement and digital payment platform.

The three-month campaign, which began on 1 April, will reward the operator for each app downloaded via the QR code linked to their machine.

“The campaign is aimed at new Monyx operators, existing operators that want to run a loyalty campaign and existing customers that intend to launch Monyx Prepaid,” said Keren Sharir, chief marketing officer, Nayax. “With a general return to normal life now approaching and on schedule, this is the best possible opportunity for operators to add the numerous benefits of Monyx Wallet to their unattended retail offer.”

Monyx Wallet enables Nayax operators to introduce consumer engagement into their operations. By offering cashless payment, operators future-proof their businesses. Monyx wallet offers both convenience and loyalty benefits to customers, who are choosing to make payments with an app in ever increasing numbers. The app’s digital loyalty programs help operators to increase engagement, with a variety of consumer rewards. For instance, amusement operators could offer ‘pay for five kiddie rides, get the 6th free’.

Monyx Wallet has several key advantages over other payment options. The app has been designed specifically to enable it to adopt the corporate identity of individual customers, giving it an ‘in-house’ appearance. Crucially, when there is a problem with the vend, customers can be reimbursed digitally, eliminating the time that’s wasted in administering refunds.

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