Mystic Aquarium’s new exhibit highlights renewable ocean energy

As communities around the world turn toward alternative energy solutions, Mystic Aquarium has unveiled a newly expanded exhibit that showcases a vast, largely untapped source of renewable energy: the ocean.

The exhibit, Renewable Ocean Energy, highlights the incredible potential of the ocean to sustainably meet our energy needs and address pressing climate concerns, while safeguarding ocean ecosystems.

The display spans 400 square feet on the mezzanine level of the Aquarium’s Main Gallery and features interactive mechanical models that allow visitors, with safety protocols in place, to manipulate underwater surge flaps and crank wind turbines, simulating the process of renewable power generation. Interpretative infographics and a large projection screen at the centre of the exhibit explain the incredible capabilities of seven different marine energy technologies. Guests can learn about a diverse group of scientists and engineers, play games, and test their renewable energy knowledge at informational kiosks.

By providing a hands-on, immersive experience, Renewable Ocean Energy aims to highlight cutting-edge technologies and their applications, and inspire people to consider careers in the exciting, emerging fields of marine energy and offshore wind.

“While conserving energy should be our first line of defense, in order to meet our national energy needs in sustainable ways, we need to cultivate a workforce for jobs that, in many cases, don’t exist yet, and broaden what has traditionally been referred to as ‘green energy’ to include ‘blue energy’ as a critical part of our National energy portfolio moving forward,” said Katie Cubina, senior vice president, Mission Programs at Mystic Aquarium.

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