Minority Media to debut next-gen VR arcade machine at IAAPA

Minority Media’s Chaos Jump Multiplayer VR Machine will debut at this year’s IAAPA Expo.

The next generation VR arcade machine fuses advanced VR technology with compelling gameplay, boasts a compact footprint, and also features signage, competitive elements, and highlighted replay value.

The arcade machine will also be a digital platform with planned updates to include variable time limits for games and additional future game titles. To that point, the company will treat IAAPA 2018 attendees to a sneak preview of its next, upcoming game, Reclaim!, set to launch in Q1 2019.

According to Minority Media founder Vander Caballero, Chaos Jump combines all the elements of cutting-edge game design into a turnkey, location-based VR game platform that can be cost-effectively installed anywhere, be easily owner-operated, be updated with a series of new game titles — and generate up to 12 times the revenue of more traditional location-based games, such as Laser Tag.

Chaos Jump is a VR adventure where a party of up to four adventurers battle a robot army and travel across space and time to retrieve gold, treasure, and artefacts from 18 exotic worlds. Players are equipped with laser blasters to fight off the robot attackers, and vacuum guns to collect the gold and artefacts, with everything scored and displayed in real-time. Players can choose avatars for the virtual world and a randomizer selects from among 18 worlds for them to play in. A winner is announced after each 6.5-minute game and scores are highlighted on the exterior displays.

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