Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau, Vietnam partners Semnox for cashless solution

Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau, Vietnam has partnered with Semnox Solutions and Speed POS
Vietnam to implement technology-driven solutions at their 13-hectare hot springs resort. This
partnership has equipped the resort with advanced modern technology solutions for their day-to-
day operations. The implementation involves an end-to-end solution with ticketing, automated
access control, F&B counter, retail, and locker management, all in a single integrated system.
With the aim to bring this beneficial wellness guests, Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau has
harnessed Vietnam’s natural hot springs and created a bath culture inspired by different cultures
from around the world, especially Japan.

The 13-hectare hot offers more than 30 hot mineral bath services that include swimming pools, hot and cold saunas, and spa treatments.

Semnox’s Parafait park management system has helped the resort to cater to their operations and reporting needs. Being a one-stop solution, the solution has been effective in managing the wide range of offers and services under a single umbrella. With this advancement, Binh Chau becomes the first park in Vietnam to go 100% cashless, with the introduction of wristbands.

A single wristband can be used by the customer for access, spend and lockers across the park. The access to various indoor and outdoor facilities like forest, spa and mud bath is automated through the Semnox readers which are installed at the entry gates of the facilities, making it easy and safe for customers by minimizing physical contact, and reducing the time taken at the entry to various facilities. It also benefits the venue management team as they can now focus on customer service and other productive areas. The park is also able to create innovative and attractive combo packages including tickets and F&B to cater to the customer needs and demands. The team will be able to further utilize the system capabilities like CRM, memberships, promotions, etc., to bring in more revenue, maximize the efficiency and increase profits.

“We are happy to announce yet another successful project with our partner Speed POS in Vietnam. With Speed POS, we have a like-minded partner who are customer focused and this has helped us to combine the strength of the Semnox’s technology with local support and knowledge of Speed POS.” said Ashish KS, group client partner, Far-east parks for Semnox.

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