Meta4 Interactive selected to join Canadian trade mission at Expo 2020 Dubai

Meta4 Interactive, the award-winning game studio established in 2010 and formerly known as Minority Media, is proud to announce that the company has been invited to send executives to represent Canada at the Expo 2020 Dubai world expo event in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Department of Canadian Heritage’s Creative Industries Trade Mission to Dubai will coordinate
events designed for Canadian companies to increase their visibility and expand their network in the
UAE market through meetings with “key industry players, potential buyers, investors, and or
partners taking place from February 7 – 9, 2022.”

The mission, organised in collaboration with Global Affairs Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service,
will “focus on the audio visual and digital and interactive media sub-sectors of the creative
industries.” Meta4 was selected as one of the Canadian creative companies that demonstrates “a
high export potential” in the realm of immersive experiences, video games, augmented reality and
virtual reality.

“As a company that is proudly headquartered in Montreal, Meta4 Interactive is honoured to be invited
to join the Canadian Trade Mission to Expo 2020 Dubai”, noted Sylvain Croteau, Chief Business
Development Officer for Meta4 Interactive and one of the company’s delegates on the trip. “This is
a great opportunity for Meta4 Interactive to expand our network in the UAE market and
demonstrate the international power and enduring appeal of a blockbuster brand like Transformers
in our TRANSFORMERS: VR Battle Arena.”

Meta4 will also join up during the Expo with Amusement Services International (ASI), the company’s
distribution partner in the region since 2019. They are headquartered in Dubai. The combined
teams will demonstrate Meta4 Interactive’s VR arena solutions for potential buyers. ASI has already
installed Meta4’s TRANSFORMERS: VR Battle Arena at the Sala City Entertainment Center in Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia, as well as at the Zone, Dubai and ASI has also sold the company’s Chaos Jump VR
arenas to locations in Dubai and Georgia.

TRANSFORMERS: VR Battle Arena is a 4-player arena that comes with two distinct VR games,
“TRANSFORMERS: VR Invasion” and “TRANSFORMERS: VR Battle Arena”, the game that shares its
name with the attraction. “TRANSFORMERS: VR Battle Arena” enables players to become a heroic
Autobot or unleash their inner Decepticon in a player-versus-player (PvP) battle. “TRANSFORMERS:
VR Invasion” delivers collaborative gameplay that enables guests to be part of the liberation squad
of humans fighting alongside ever-popular Autobots like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.
Throughout 2022, Meta4 will deliver exciting new VR games for the TRANSFORMERS: VR Battle Arena
at no additional cost. New games will arrive automatically to drive repeat play from your guests and
keep the arena fresh and compelling.

TRANSFORMERS: VR Battle Arena is the first small footprint VR system with a blockbuster brand and
the only VR system that enables players to play as an Autobot or Decepticon or alongside their
favorite Transformers ‘bots. Distribution and financing are available for the TRANSFORMERS: VR
Battle Arena, which was recently recognized with a VR Focus award for “Best LBE Experience.”

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