Merlin’s Dungeon attractions launch scent range 

The Edinburgh Dungeon, The York Dungeon and The Blackpool Tower Dungeon have joined forces with themed smell company AromaPrime to launch a scent collection for fans unable to visit during lockdown.

The famous Dungeon attractions are known for taking guests on walking tours through history, with elaborate sets, sounds and larger-than-life characters. Putrid pongs also play a big role in bringing the past to life, and these are specially crafted by AromaPrime for authentic, historical atmospheres. AromaPrime also creates smells for the likes of Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Madame Tussauds and Sea Life aquariums.

With the country’s attractions closed to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, AromaPrime believes its smells can be used to prompt happy memories of favourite days out. The Dungeons in Edinburgh, York and Blackpool have made their unique ‘pongs’ available for the first time ever, with each one based on scenes such as The Witch Trial, The Anatomy Theatre and Castle Ghosts. The Courtroom aroma, from one of the Dungeons’ funniest scenes, carries the rich air of the judge’s whisky.

The new scent range is available in AromaPrime’s online Theme Park Fan Collection, which also includes authentic smells from Thorpe Park. 

Liam R. Findlay, attractions consultant at AromaPrime, said: “With everyone stuck at home, there has been a huge trend in people buying fun smells from their favourite attractions. Smells (pleasant or not) that we associate with happy times have the immense power to trigger positive emotions and nostalgia in our brains, which is beneficial during this challenging period. AromaPrime has received multiple requests from die-hard Dungeon fans about these memorable smells—we are thrilled to finally make them available, allowing fans to own a real piece of the Dungeon experience that they can keep forever.”

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