Mattel and Epic Resort Destinations reveal plans for Mattel Adventure Park

Mattel and Epic Resort Destinations have revealed plans for Mattel Adventure Park which is set to open in Q1 2023 in Glendale, Arizona. The park will feature additional brand activations from Barbie, Masters of the Universe and Mattel Games.

Julie Freeland, senior director, global location based entertainment, Mattel, said: “Mattel Adventure Park will be even more engaging and entertaining at launch, with the addition of these iconic Mattel brand experiences.”

“The expansion of this flagship attraction brings together the largest representation of Mattel’s beloved brands in a live space as never before.”

The additional brand experiences planned for Mattel Adventure Park will be highlighted by the Barbie Beach House. The Barbie Beach House features the Barbie flying theatre; the Dream Closet Experience, where Barbie, through state-of-the-art hologram technology, is brought to life to help curate the ultimate wardrobe; and the Barbie Rooftop where guests can enjoy a selection of signature pink beverages, sweet and savoury snacks while enjoying panoramic views of the property.

Mattel Adventure Park will also feature a nine-hole mini golf experience. Families can putt-putt while battling Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, or through a life-sized Pictionary game board with additional games featured throughout. The #1 card game property, UNO, will be represented as a climbing structure where guests can jump on oversized UNO cards and race to the top.

Master of the Universe’s iconic Castle Grayskull has been transformed into a 4,500+ sq. ft laser tag arena. A Laser Tag experience will bring the world of Eternia to life and invites guests to join an epic battle to regain the power of the Universe.

Mark Cornell, president, Epic Resort Destinations, added: “We are extremely excited to add Barbie, Masters of the Universe and Mattel Games themed attractions and rides to an already outstanding offering in development at the first-ever Mattel Adventure Park. We have spared no expense to bring these iconic brands to life in ways that will delight visitors of all ages for years to come.”

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