Market share dominated by Laserforce

Laserforce, the manufacturer of high quality commercial laser tag systems has completed a worldwide study of operating laser tag systems and new systems installations to discover that it is dominating in both sectors.

In the period from January to September 2019 there have been a total of 84 laser tag system installations supplied by 6 laser tag system manufacturers. Laserforce accounted for more than 27% of all installations, and the year is not over yet with several more in the committed pipeline for Laserforce. The balance of installations are spread over the remaining competing systems with an average of 12% each.

Laserforce dominates Australian laser tag operations with a very impressive 64% market share. More than 6 of every ten operating locations in Australia are operating with the power of Laserforce.

Of most interest are the locations that have switched out from other providers to Laserforce. Speaking with Laserforce Australian sales executive, Maree Harris, she said the reasons laser tag centre operators are switching to Laserforce are varied, but the main reasons given, “centred around reliability, equipment uptime, ease of use and customer experience. Coupled with an unrivalled level of customer service and support.”

Evident when looking at the global location map from Laserforce show a very strong presence in the US, Australia and a new level of spread in the EU along with coverage in other countries around the globe.

Laserforce Gen8 Infinity is the first and only system to have ever won the “Best New Product”, IAAPA Brass Ring Award for their impressive Gen 8 laser tag system. Laserforce continue to be the only laser tag system to be bestowed with such an award. Jeff Willy, Laserforce Chief of global operations told us, “since the release of our Gen 8 system, 1,291 Laserforce Gen8 suits have been shipped out and are in operation around the world”.

Laserforce will once again have a strong presence at IAAPA. Showing off its proven and reliable Gen 8 system. Gen 8 was the first laser tag system to utilise the eye catching Infinity lighting system, and at this time are still the only system utilising this technology. According to Len Kelly, founder of Laserforce International, “Gen 8 is the most reliable, robust and eye catching product we have delivered. We are more than happy to show off our equipment while competitors try to catch up with us – again.”

Laserforce proves its success by the number of operating locations it serves, maintaining a vigil on all its operators, providing support where needed to ensure a successful operation. Laserforce refers to their clients as Family members and goes to great lengths to provide a family focussed level of service.

Laserforce provides equipment to both stand alone locations and larger FEC’s as an attraction. Family members like Strike Bowling, Archie Brothers, The Fun Warehouse, Zone Bowling, Revolution Laser Tag, Scene 75, Allegiant, King Pin and Apex Entertainment are all valued clients of Laserforce International.

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