LED Dome Solution launched by Kraftwerk LT

Austrian AV system integrator, Kraftwerk Living Technologies, is set to offer new spherical LED solutions for Planetariums, Entertainment Attractions and Science Applications.

LED display technology has evolved rapidly throughout the years. Today, almost any shapes or sizes are possible, with crystal clear images, a wide variety of potential uses and flexibility in structure. Under the internal project name Projekt KVS, Kraftwerk LT has been looking into the use of LED display technology in dome applications and is now ready to launch on the global market.

With the company’s system integration experience in providing complex and high-performance LED display systems as well as its knowledge and experience in the field of control systems, playback and signal processing, this new technology perfectly rounds off the product portfolio for Kraftwerk LT and its broad range of clients – with applications in industry, entertainment and the cultural sector, offered as turnkey solutions.

Kraftwerk LT is already a leader in entertainment, the applications of domes as well as other complex displays and has an important strategic goal of becoming a leader in the field of hybrid dome solutions and multi-functional planetarium spaces. Manfred Meier, CEO and Founder of Kraftwerk LT adds, “25 years of experience and an aspiration to always offer the latest and most innovative technologies, which we have been showcasing in the area of LED applications and any other, allow us to work the market and perfectly address its needs with a well-rounded range of products and services.”

In the first phase, the available pixel pitches for LED domes will be 2.7 mm and 4 mm with total resolutions of up to 12 x 12K pixels. Sizes and shapes are flexible and can range from smaller applications to large domes such as planetariums, flying theatres and many more.

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