Laserforce installs in Scene75’s largest location

Scene75 is a major, privately owned, family entertainment center in the mid-west USA which launched its first center in Dayton Ohio, back in 2009. Now, the company has expanded to five different locations, with its largest location yet in Columbus.

The first Dayton location opened its doors offering a basic Zone laser tag system, which happens to be the number one system traded in for Laserforce equipment. This was followed closely by Delta Strike.

Scene75 CEO Jonah says, “I still recall one of our team’s initial conversations with Jeff where we questioned the durability of the Laserforce packs. To our surprise, we received a video clip within a few hours of the Laserforce team literally driving over a game pack with a truck!  We were hooked from that moment…”.

Although, Laserforce wouldn’t encourage all operators to grab the nearest vest and try this durability test, (the company already rigorously-stress-tests equipment) it is incredibly confident that the durability still stands true today.

Scene75 is now operating and running five locations across the Midwest and seeing incredible success with its formula of attractions, staff and culture. In 2016, Scene75’s Cincinnati location won Top Family Entertainment Center in North America from the highly coveted IAAPA Brass Ring committee.

When asked what he enjoyed the most about operating with Laserforce laser tag, Jonah replied: “We like the ease of use, the durability, the battery life, and perhaps most importantly, the team.” We’re incredibly proud to have Scene75 included in our family of operators and we’re certainly excited as they open the doors in Columbus.

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