LAI Games spearheads Project: Kickstart

Premiere game manufacturer LAI Games has partnered with Firstlease along with multiple major US game distributors on Project: Kickstart, an initiative aimed at helping locations get access to the latest high-income producing games as they continue recovering from COVID-19.

Project: Kickstart features a lineup of LAI Games’ AMOA Innovator award-winners along with the IAAPA
2019 sensation Pearl Fishery, packaged in a range of flexible and accessible lease deals through

“We want to provide location owners with access to a lineup of top games that encourage customers to
get back out and play,” said John Bugh, SVP of Sales and Business Development. “COVID-19 brought the
industry to its knees, and we’re excited to be part of an opportunity that gives locations of all sizes the
ability to put proven revenue-generating games in their locations.”

Project: Kickstart features flexible lease options that include variable time frames and no money down,
with 90 days deferred payment for qualified customers.

The full lineup of games, with videos, game descriptions and specifications, pricing and a list of
participating distributors, can be viewed at

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