LAI Games offers 2-player Pearl Fishery model

LAI Games, a subsidiary of Helix Leisure, and a leading manufacturer in the interactive entertainment and game industry, is set to offer a new two-player version of its hit pusher game, Pearl Fishery.

The new offering has a footprint 2/3 the size of the original three-player version, making it a great choice for operators with limited space in their venues. The company will continue to sell the original version as well, which has been a top earner since its debut last year.

Pearl Fishery takes the classic appeal of a coin pusher and mixes in the thrill of a multi-layered big-ticket
game. Players drop small pearls down the pin board into a matrix of multipliers to win tickets and release Big Pearls onto the play field, giving them access to a super bonus jackpot game for an even bigger ticket payout. Winning tickets are consistently paid out to reward players and keep the excitement levels high with tons of opportunities to win across multiple mini games, making Pearl Fishery a uniquely entertaining amusement machine for all ages.

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