LAI Games HYPERpitch makes debut at Texas Bowling Show

LAI Games new baseball-themed redemption game HYPERpitch has made its world trade show premiere at the Southwest Bowling Proprietors Trade Show in Irving, Texas.

HYPERpitch is a single or double-player baseball-style pitching game that is equally rewarding to play individually or with a friend. Each player gets three attempts to pitch a ball at the bullseye in a contest of speed vs accuracy.

Chris Brady, VP of sales for LAI Games said, “Normally, we save our new games for IAAPA. But with the great support we’ve received from Mike Logan and his team, and the incredible growth we’ve seen in the bowling industry for the past few years, we knew that this would be a great show for the world premiere of HYPERpitch.”

HYPERpitch features dynamic lights that chase the ball down the HYPER Tunnel while explosive sound effects create an incredible sensation of power as the ball hits the target. This ticket redemption game creates a social competitive atmosphere that draws a crowd and gets players lining up for their turn.

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