LAI Games’ award-winning HYPERpitch heads to Japan

Following its rollout to all US locations earlier this year, LAI Games’ baseball-themed redemption game HYPERpitch has been installed by Round 1 Japan in all its stores. A total of 60 HYPERpitch units purchased through their distributor Bandai Namco Technica.

HYPERpitch is a baseball-style pitching game that is equally rewarding to play individually or with a friend. Each player gets three attempts to pitch the ball at the bullseye in a contest of speed vs. accuracy. Dynamic lights chase the ball down the HYPER Tunnel while explosive sound effects create a sensation of power as the ball hits the target.

Earlier this year, LAI Games announced that the AMOA Innovator Award winner would be installed in all Dave & Buster’s stores throughout North America. Baseball has long been one of Japan’s most popular sports, so HYPERpitch was a natural fit for Round 1 Japan, which is known for having a unique mixture of games, bowling, karaoke, and other attractions. Some modifications were made to the game to accommodate the Japanese audience. Pitching speed is measured in kilometers/hour rather than miles/hour, adjustments were made to the scoring matrix, the instructions were translated into Japanese and the games are amusement only, with no tickets being awarded.

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