LAI Games announces new content for The Big Ride

LAI Games, a leading game manufacturer, has revealed that new content for its unattended virtual reality attraction, Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride, will be released in 2019. Three new ride experiences are set to be added to the line-up.

The new experiences will include Pantry Pandemonium, where the player’s vehicle is miniaturized as they get chased around by Rabbids cooks who want to catch or smash them, Space Striker, where a player’s ship navigates through a space station, asteroids and attacks of Rabbids from outer space and Crazy Coaster, set on a rollercoaster imagined and built by Rabbids, full of surprises and logic-defying directions.

The award-winning unattended VR game is recently landing the top spot for Best Video Game in RePlay Magazine’s latest Player’s Choice Poll and continues to earn top revenues, and praise, throughout the industry.

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