Lagotronics upgrades Railway Museum dark ride

15 years ago, The Railway Museum in Utrecht, Netherlands, introduced dark ride ‘Stalen Monsters’. Now due for a major upgrade, Lagotronics was commissioned to bring the technology up to date as well as renew and optimise the overall experience. The technical equipment, the hardware and software, was considerably outdated. As a result, it was decided to renew the entire show control, audio control and the lighting. The show can be easily operated via a control panel.

In addition to replacing the technology, the equipment in the field of audio, special effects and lighting has also been overhauled. The attic has been partly renovated and provided with a new storyline. In addition, a quiz is integrated. The entrance and exit have also been adjusted to make them more eye-catching.

The entire lighting plan in the ride has been overhauled and Lagotronics Projects used RGB LED lighting. On the one hand, this lighting is very energy efficient and on the other hand great atmospheres can be created with mixing colors.

In order to give the visitors of Stalen Monsters more information about the ride, visitors are provided with information about the ride in an intermediate space. To add an extra dimension to the ride, full colour prints have been installed in various spaces and some projections have been implemented.

‘’In a very short time, we gave our dark ride Stalen Monsters a technical and experience upgrade. The project was a great collaboration between our own Technical Service and the specialists of Lagotronics Projects,” said Jan Bergen, head of operation at the Railway Museum. “The contact was pleasant and Lagotronics Projects clearly understood what was important to us: because we are a museum, we have to work in the immediate vicinity of unique collection items, and it is also important that the show elements are truthful. It was great that Lagotronics understood this very well. Both we and the visitors are very happy with the result!’’

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