KWP launches industry guide to ‘answering difficult questions’

Kevin Williams, from KWP, a immersive out-of-home entertainment consultancy, in collaboration with Jeff Chatterton from Checkmate Public Affairs, a specialist in risk and crisis communications, has compiled a simple primer called the “Operators Guide: How to Answer Difficult Questions about Reopening“.

This new guide builds on situations experienced by operators and owners in the amusement and attraction sector, starting the long and difficult process of reopening in their various territories. And offer suggestions on the best approach to tackling difficult questions being raised by concerned guests, and from some on social media. Achieving better engagement with our customers at this confusing time.

This follows on from the previous ‘Top 16 Entertainment Operation Priorities Post COVID-19’, this latest in an ongoing series of informative guides is shared with the industry moving forward. Created to address many of the concerns voiced in recent panel discussions and forum posts – underlining the importance of better engagement and interaction with our guests and supply the best information during these changing times.

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