Kraftwerk Living Technologies’ new website goes live

Audiovisual system integrator launches a new redesigned website, which provides exciting picture- and video-heavy insights into the world of AV system integration and working at Kraftwerk.

Since the last brand relaunch almost six years ago, Kraftwerk Living Technologies has developed into a major global player in the AV industry. It was now time to modernise the company’s digital presence, by making it more appealing and informative for customers, partners and recruits.

“Our website was outdated. Our company has evolved over time along with the technology we use, while the web has also matured into a digital window to us and our activities – the rules have changed. Whilst hardware was the focus many years ago, we now provide complete solutions to our customers. With our new website, we want to convey exactly this: We are designers, engineers and installers and with technology we create experiences that inform, inspire and entertain”, says Kevin Murphy, Director of Sales and Marketing at Kraftwerk Living Technologies.

While the old website was available in English exclusively, the new web content is bilingual, also online in German and puts a strong focus on showcasing experiences, made possible through technology.

As part of the web relaunch, a new graphic concept for the corporate image was developed, which will be rolled out on all of Kraftwerk LT’s branded materials in the near future.

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