Kilburn Live Partners with Semnox

Kilburn Live, is the latest addition to Semnox’s growing list of clients to implement Semnox technology at its new family entertainment centre concept in Mississauga, Ontario.

Under the partnership, Semnox and Kilburn Live have developed the “Parafait-Game Hub integration” allowing seamless activation of various games and experiences using RFID wristbands and the Parafait Gamification API framework.

The new facility created by Kilburn Live called GYGO! (Get Your Game On) features an indoor active play zone that showcases a variety of active play experiences. Powered by Kilburn’s propriety scoring backbone, Game Hub, these challenges are scored and tallied on a venue-wide leaderboard, allowing guests to compete for the top spot on a daily, monthly, and all-time basis. Basketball, baseball, football, a ninja style obstacle course, and foam blaster play activities are just some of the challenges awaiting GYGO! visitors.


Jonathan Sanford, COO of Kilburn Live, LLC, said: “The importance of the underlying technology that powers our experiences cannot be understated.  The complexity must be invisible to the guest and yet be designed with future technologies and enhancements in mind.  Semnox’s Parafait system is both of those things and is so feature rich, that it became the obvious choice for integration with Game Hub and GYGO!”

Using the “Parafait-Game Hub integration,” the entertainment centre can activate game play and pass scores between the systems to maintain the leaderboards throughout the venue. In addition to this technology, GYGO! uses a range of other Semnox solutions including an online ticketing and POS system, birthday party booking, liability waivers and RFID activations.

Bepin Jose, President of Semnox Solution LLC, added: “Kilburn is well known for building interactive experiences that are entertaining, innovative and cutting edge. It is an honor for Semnox to partner with them to integrate our technology into these experiences. Through the GYGO! project, the foundational gaming framework has been established between the Parafait and Game-Hub systems and we look forward to leveraging the numerous expansion possibilities that is ahead of us in this partnership.”

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