K11 Art Mall and 9GAG collaborate for ‘Meme Museum’

K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong and online meme sharing platform 9GAG have collaborated to produce the world’s first MEME Museum.

The collaboration brings the internet’s most viral memes to the real world for a unique ‘online-to-offline’ MEME experience.

“Doge, Wojak Feels Guy, Drake, Yao Ming and Distracted Boyfriend MEMEs are how we communicate these days. They’re more than jokes, but how we celebrate and satirise current events, and how we self-deprecate as a community. It’s internet culture, and we’re taking the best of it so you can experience the glory and evolution of some of the most humorous jokes of our time in person,” said a K11 spokesperson.

The museum is also showcasing K11 Art Mall x 9GAG’s exclusive MEME merch, including the These MEMEs Aren’t Ours™ board game specially created for Hong Kong humour), a MEME Snapio photobooth, and free MEME water tattoos.

The installation is running through 5 September, 2021.

Image: https://hk.k11.com/

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